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        1. ABOUT JIEKE

          Established in 1988,CIXI JIEKE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Terminal blocks in China.Our company is located in CIXI Industry Zone, which is on the southern bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge and with Ningbo Port in its east.

          Currently JIEKE produces all kinds of terminal blocks and related components. The main product series are: PCB terminal blocks, Pluggable terminal blocks, Screwless terminal blocks, Barrier terminal blocks and so on...

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          Our goal is to provide the products with best value and highest quality and sales support to our valued customers all over the world.
          Quality certification
          JIEKE holds RoHS test device,which accords with RoHS instruction standard. And most product have already been approved by UL,CE,CQC.
          • Company strength

            Workshop Area:330,000m2

          • Product Authentication

            ISO9001:2000 Quality Management system certification

          • Related product certification

            And most product have already been approved by UL,CE,CQC.

          • OEM

            Number of QC: 20
            OEM Time:15 years

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