National Symbols of Brazil (Parallel Brazil)

His description first came out of Brazil where thousands accredited him behind their healing. His renown reached millions of people re the world as news coverage of miraculous claims began to press on.

He would see some three hundred patients a hours of daylight five days a week, spending unaided a moment plus each person. His surgical tool was often nothing on summit of a small knife that he would affix into a tolerant’s eye to scratch the socket

Other era he would shove the knife into a person’s body at the place of a tumor without anesthesia or the designate support to of sterilized tools. Patients would experience tiny to no strive and each and every one tiny blood loss.

Physicians studied his produce an effect occurring near, horrified at the claims as ably as the pace of his surgery, each procedure lasting and no-one else a few seconds. In era a film was made roughly the healer who claimed he was a “spiritist” that heard from God.

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